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 First-Time QuickIns Quoters

  1. Who are your carriers?
         Call 1-877-275-9578 or contact your local Business Development Manager
  2. What is my commission?
         Call 1-877-275-9578 or contact your local Business Development Manager
  3. What’s the difference between an HO3 and HO8?
         Call 1-877-275-9578 or contact your local Business Development Manager
  4. What states are you adding to the online and phone quoting platform?     
         As we expand the online and phone quoting to new states, this will be added to each product page and the Map tool
  5. Do you have any brochures?
         Download QuickIns Product Brochure
  6. What ISO classifications do you accept for contractors? 
         See Artisan Contractor product for ISO classifications
  7. What payment options do you offer my client?
         See multiple ways to pay under Billing
  8. How do I get appointed?
         Complete a Partner with Us form to request a brokerage agreement
  9. Why can’t I log in?
         We must have a signed brokerage agreement and your email address for you to create a User ID and password.
         Request a Brokerage Agreement through Partner with Us. Give your email address through Contact Us.
         If you have already signed an agreement, maybe we just need your email address. Please provide your email address through our Contact Us form.
  10. How do I set up a User ID?
         Download Setup User ID Instructions
  11. How do I find my password?
         Simply reset your password by Reregistering
  12. Do you offer any tutorials?
         Log In to see Tutorials under Help
  13. Will someone walk me through the online quoting process?
         Call 1-877-275-9578 or contact your local Business Development Manager

Experienced QuickIns Quoters

  1. If I have used the online quoting platform previously, is my user id and password still the same?
         Yes, your username and password for the agent portal is the same.
    • If you are having trouble logging in please use the Register and Log in Tutorial.
    • If you forgot your password, simple register again
  2. How do I bind my quote?
         Email your completed personal lines quote to
  3. How do I make a payment?
         See multiple ways to pay under Billing
  4. Do you offer credit card payments?
         Yes, see how under Billing
  5. When will I receive a copy of the policy?
         New policies will be emailed to the requestor 10 days after receiving a completed application and payment.
  6. How do I issue a certificate for my contractor client?
         Log In to see Certificate Tutorial under Help
  7. Can you add scheduled jewelry to my quote/policy?
         Yes, call 1-877-275-9578 for assistance
  8. How do I file a claim?
         See easy instructions under Claims
  9. How do I submit an Endorsement Request?
         Email personal lines endorsement requests to
         Email commercial lines endorsement requests to
  10. How do I request loss runs?
         Email personal lines loss run requests to
         Email small commercial loss run requests to
  11. How do I cancel my client’s policy?
         Email personal lines cancellations to
         Email small commercial cancellations to
  12. When do you offer renewals?
         Personal Lines policies are automatically renewed
         Small Commercial policy renewals are offered 45 days in advance of the expiration date.

Stay Up-to-Date

  1. How do I sign up for email notifications?
         Sign up through Email Subscribe
         Check out new products and system enhancements under News

Personal Lines Underwriters 

Name Phone Email
Doreen Daniel 804-330-4652 Ext. 4252
Karla Samora 281-640-6000 Ext. 6837
Lindsay Auger 804-330-4652 Ext. 3461
Matt Wills 813-371-1030
Michael Tesh 804-330-4652 Ext. 4284
Natalie Epstein 804-330-4652 Ext. 4254
Stephen Diaz 281-640-6000 Ext. 6838
Lindsay Moore 954-731-5600 Ext. 3735
Hunter Cox 804-330-4652 Ext. 4287
Trish Ament 804-330-4652 Ext. 4215

 Management Team

  • Stephen Grodek, Operations Manager
  • Lee Branson, Personal Lines Vice President
  • Rex Regan, Senior Vice President