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Who is Appulate?
All Risks’ Personal Lines preferred partner, Appulate, is a technology company with over a decade of experience and an agency network of over 28,000, focused on providing agents with the tools to streamline the submission process.

My submission process works fine. Why should I change it?
Appulate’s Uplink™ technology allows you to work smarter and faster by uploading data directly from your management system into QuickHome’s quoting system; virtually eliminating the need to rekey ACORD information.

Do I need Appulate in order to submit a QuickHome quote?
No, you don’t, but All Risks is always committed to finding new ways to improve our client service!

What’s the cost?
The Appulate Uplink™ tool is free for All Risks’ agents.

How does Appulate Uplink™ work? 
Installed as a print driver, Appulate Uplink™ allows you to “print” your ACORD form from any agency management system. Choose the Appulate Uplink™ as your printer option and all of your data gets plugged into QuickHome’s portal.

What if I don’t have an agency management system?
You can also bridge the information using an ACORD PDF.

Which ACORD PDF should I use?
Use these fillable forms: ACORD 80 or ACORD 84.

Can I upload information from a handwritten ACORD?
No, the data must be electronically typed.

What data migrates from Appulate to QuickHome?
While the most pertinent data fields migrate, not all data fields on the ACORD appear in QuickHome. Note that All Risks utilizes Third Party data when available that may override the data submitted through Appulate. Before finalizing the quote, review the QuickHome application to ensure all prefilled information is correct. All Risks will honor the insured and risk information represented on the QuickHome Proposal.

How do I sign up?
Follow the account sign up process on the login page of It will notify you if your agency already has an account. Your agency needs only one Appulate account. All of the users should be added to that account by your agency’s account administrator. If someone in Appulate has your same email extension (e.g., the system will notify you so that you don’t create a duplicate account. Contact your administrator to be added as a user. The administrator may add users to an Appulate account under Setup, Users and Add New.
**Appulate is available for agents who work with All Risks, Ltd. or QuickHome.  Not currently working with us? Complete the Partner with Us form here to get started.  

What if I can’t locate my account administrator?
Contact for this information.

What if my office doesn’t have an account?
Follow these steps to sign up:
1.  Go to the login page of, and click on Sign Up
2.  Enter your company information and then click Next Step
3.  Enter your personal information and create a password. Click Next Step to continue
4.  Enter your market information/credential
5.  Review and accept the Master Subscription Agreement
6.  Click Join Appulate. Completed registration prompts you to Sign In 

I have a user login. How do I download Uplink™?
1.  Log in to
2.  Make sure All Risks, Ltd. is under your list of selected markets. If it isn’t, search for us by name in the Available tab and click on the plus sign to select us.
3.  Download Uplink by selecting Tools and Download Uplink. Choose your agency management system from the drop down menu and click on the link to install. It will install on your desktop as a print driver in less than one minute.

Is it easy to submit a quote to QuickHome using Appulate Uplink™?
Yes! Follow these simple steps:
1.  Print your ACORD from your management system to the Appulate Uplink™ printer
2.  Confirm your Appulate credentials
3.  Click Send next to QuickHome
4.  Once you submit, the quote return process QuickHome is the same as it was before 

What if I don’t know my Appulate credentials?
Your Appulate login is always your email address. If you don’t know your password, you may reset it on the login page by clicking on the Forgot Password? link. This will trigger the system to send you an email with instructions on resetting your password.

How do I add QuickHome as a market?
If you already have an Appulate account, you don’t need to create a separate account for QuickHome; simply add us as a market. Go to Markets, Available, search for QuickHome, and click the plus sign to add us to your list of selected markets.

Is there a number to call if I have additional questions?
Call QuickHome at 877-275-9578.

What is Appulate Uplink™?
Agent Sign Up
Getting Started for Existing Users

Training Video:
Appulate Training Video